The Cleansing of the Temple

[From the original version of the book]

It is time to clean house. All the previous efforts of Jesus to avoid his enemies are no longer. The hour of our deliverance is at hand. Jesus turns the Temple upside down. He breaks centuries of abuse and bondage. The Lord wants the people free. God does not tolerate religion that controls and manipulates people.

The boldness of the Lord is held up as a model for faith, as he challenges us to have belief that moves mountains. Believe when you pray. Claim what it is that you are praying for in the Name of Jesus, even when you don’t see the answer in the natural realm. If Jesus turns your heart upside down, it is so that you will fully believe in God’s power.

Mark 11:15–33

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Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This year, we generally read
from the Gospel of Mark, this season, chapters 10 to 16.

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