The Holiness of Marriage

[From the edition for families with children]

Though many persons are divorced in our world, still Jesus upholds the holiness of marriage of one man and one woman for life.  When God puts a husband and wife together, let no one attempt to separate them.

Yet there are many people married who may not have been really put together by God.   Unhealed hurts from the past and other forms of wrong thinking and wrong doing can result in mistakes when some couples marry.  This can occasion suffering for young people—maybe for you.  Remember that underneath the suffering of your parents, there is a pure space of love for you.  Ask God to take you to that place.  Remember too, that God loves you and is actively at work to bring you the comfort and security that you need.

God is at work right now preparing you and the other young man or woman who is going to be your spouse in life!  Pray that you be guided to the right person, and that you will have all the love and grace you’ll need to be an example of a holy marriage till the end of our life.  

Mark 10:2-16

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