The Ultimate Reversal

[From the version for families with children]

A few of the disciples are at it again—looking for high positions of honor in Jesus’s kingdom.  It takes a long time for these men to know that they are closer to Jesus when they serve others, than when they sit next to him in seats of privilege.  The privilege for us as Christians is to be invited to be part of Jesus’s loving community of service.  And as for recognition of honor: Jesus was crucified!  So if you love Jesus and want to serve him by loving and serving others, then it will mean a kind of death to our preferences to be looking for “Oscars” and “Emmys” for our Christian performance. 

Verse 44 is the ultimate reversal.  If you want to be first, you must be willing to be counted last!  But this is so good!  The more our pride dissolves, the more the brightness of humility can shine.  Think long and quietly about that verse and see how you can live it one day at a time.   

 Mark 10:35-45 

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