One Final Miracle

[From the version for families with children]

In the midst of the lives of many evil kings is the great prophet Elisha.  He shines like a jewel among the ashes of the wicked kings.  In this chapter we read about his final illness and death.  But even in death, look at the amazing miracle that happens when a dead man is buried on top of Elisha’s body!  

I wonder if Elisha being so alone, was one of the occasions for his death.  Here he was, one “man of God” prophesying in a land of wicked king after wicked king.  It must have made him very sad—almost as sad as it made God.  Perhaps the sadness got to him and weakened him.  No one was mentioned as praying for Elisha or supporting him spiritually.  He was all alone, doing his job of being a spokesperson for God, right to the end of his life.  

Yet God was with Elisha in life and in death…and even beyond death.  I’d sure prefer to be where Elisha is now, then where the evil kings landed up when they died and were buried with their ancestors!  They went into eternity with wickedness on their souls, while Elisha went to heaven with life and holiness.  Let’s you and I live the way Elisha lived!

2 Kings 13:14-25

Complete passage: 2 Kings 12-13

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