Absolute Trust

Tap here for a video-meditation on Psalm 91.

[From the original version]

Make this psalm more personal by changing the pronouns. If you are praying this on your behalf, place the first person personal pronoun in place of the second person. If you are praying with someone else, place his or her name into the psalm.

The loveliness of the psalm is found in savoring the secret place, the refuge, the dwelling place. All these words in Hebrew suggest the absolute safety of being in the presence of the Lord. There is protection from all outside attacks, the Lord being a place where you can run and hide, just as a little child runs to hide in the arms of a loving parent. The whole psalm breathes the air of trust, confidence, peace, and assurance. As you read the psalm, what other words come to your heart to describe what it is like to be one with the Lord?

Psalm 91

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We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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