Jesus Your King

[From the original version of the book]

With eyes of faith, gaze upon Jesus your King standing before Pilate, a puppet governor. Jesus is clothed in a purple robe, the color of kings. His blood turns the cloak yet into greater kingly crimson. Listen in on their somber conversation about truth and power. Though they speak on a level plane, face to face, Jesus’s word invites us to lofty heights of understanding and belief.

Pray to the Spirit that you comprehend the exalted nature of Jesus’s Kingdom. Though bloodied and beaten, Jesus is the only Lord of glory, power, and might. Through his love, surrender, and total dedication to the Father’s plan, Jesus finds his kingship. No other place but in Jesus will you fulfill the plan that the Father has for you.

John 18:33–37

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Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.
In year B, we read from the Gospel of Mark

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