Flowing Down the Mountains

From the quiet, prayerful heights of the hills of pasture, Amos hears the word of the Lord in judgment to the nations that lie below.

Take your arm and make a grand sweep in a figure eight, beginning from your upper right to lower left, upper left to lower right. This marks the geographic relation of countries indicted by Amos, crisscrossing from the northeast to southwest, from the northwest to southeast. The cross closes in at the center, as Judah and Israel are included in the judgments.

The energy of the voice of the Lord flowing down the hills through Amos must match the energy of the evils to be requited. Rather than be threatened by a God who punishes, rejoice to know a God who sees to it that pernicious evils will come to an end.

Amos 1—2

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Example: Slow to anger; quick to love 1:11

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the Pentecost Season this year we read Amos to Nahum; Lamentations 4—5 in the 9th Week.

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