God’s Word Exposed

Watch the power in one Hebrew wordGalah: “to reveal.” It literally means, “to uncover,” “to remove.” The Hebrew Scriptures often use this word for exposing the nakedness of someone, or to strip something bare. It is also the word used to take people into captivity, making them naked to their enemies. The protective covering of the homeland is wrenched away. Of the ten times that Amos uses the word, all have this meaning, except the meaning of “reveal” in the verse for the day.

The strong sense of action in the word galah suggests the power that comes upon the prophet as he experiences the naked word of God exposed to him. The early 8th century B.C. thundering voice of Amos also becomes a written word; Amos will lead the way in making prophecy a literary form.

What unique word is the Lord uncovering for you today?

Amos 3—4

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the season of Pentecost we read Amos to Nahum with Lamentations 4—5 in the Ninth Week.

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Example: Returning to You, O Lord 4:6

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