By My Spirit

Rags of poverty on Joshua become rich robes. This is not his doing, but the Lord’s. Contrast the robes and rags of Dives and Lazarus in yesterday’s reading. The rich man’s robes came from exploitation, manipulation, and the denial of the balance that comes when we share God’s good things.

The task before Joshua the priest and Zerubbabel the governor is to work together with the Spirit providing the energy for the completion of the Temple and the reviving of God’s people after the devastation of exile. The olive trees symbolize what we would come to know as “church and state.” These are set before Zechariah who prophesies under the power of the Spirit.

What are the divine tasks that the Lord puts before you? You will be given the courage to face them, for it is not you who will complete them, but the Holy Spirit.

Zechariah 3—4

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the season of Kingdomtide we read Habakkuk to Malachi.

What are “Bible Breaths”? Learn More…
Example: Complete Your temple in me. 4:7

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How does the Word touch you?

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