Water for Every Day

Tap here for a special video meditation that Nick offers on Psalm 1.

The three-year journey through the sacred land of the Bible has begun. Weaving through the center of each of the one hundred and fifty-six weeks of these years is a psalm. Take the admonition of Psalm 1 as you stand before the open space of time before you.

When Moses was about to “pass the torch” to Joshua, Moses put life and death before the people, encouraging them to “Choose life.” As you enter the Promised Land of God’s presence each day, there will be a word from God to guide you. The Living Waters of the Word will soak the roots of your life.

The trees of winter hardly look as though life will spring from them in the next season. Yet snow is needed now to warm the plants and when melted, to be the first waters for new life.

Fill let each day of your life with Living Water.

Psalm 1

What are Bible Breaths? Learn More
Example: Like a tree beside a stream. v. 3

We continue to read the Psalms in numerical order.

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How does the Word touch you?

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