Refined Silver

Tap here for a video meditation on Psalm 12.

As the shoot from Jesse’s stem, as the wisdom of the Spirit coursing through Proverbs, so is this Psalm itself as purified silver set against the rough darkness of the sins of which the psalm speaks.

Once again the number seven occurs—symbol of completion. What would it take you to encounter the Word of the Lord at each of the seven sacred quarter parts of the day? As corks holding up a net, the purifying power of God’s Word cleanses your heart seven times.

Though fire hurts, it burns away the dross, the darkness, the dirt that blemishes the heart before God. As long as your heart is beating and your lungs have breath, your suffering can prepare your heart for purity and joy. Better the fire on this side of the grave than the one on the other!

Psalm 12

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Example: You, O Lord, my only help v. 1

We read the Psalms in numerical order.

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