Syria Siege

[From the original version of the book]

Intrigue, unbelief, fear, famine, cannibalism—witness the extent of the sufferings of the people at the hands of the enemy Syrians. Yet the Lord is with the people. Marvel at God’s intervention in causing the Syrians to hear the sounds of approaching horses and chariots coming after them when this does not actually happen.

God will intervene on your behalf. When you have enemies coming against you in sieges of disease, strife, quarrels, call upon the Lord. God’s power is more within you than whatever is coming against you from without.

Recall the disciples besieged by fear in that upper room after Jesus was crucified. He comes right through the wall and shares the power of his peace. Even when your senses tell you he is not coming to you, believe that Jesus is already here.

2 Kings 6—7

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