Confident Prayer

Tap here for a video on Psalm 86.

[From the original version of the book]

My first encounter with this Psalm was a young person in a religious community. Martin Neylon, Master of Novices, shared this prayer with me, calling it his favorite psalm. I can still hear the tender regard he had for it, even as the psalm itself breathes a sweet relation between the pray-er and the Lord.

The psalm implies a deep level of communion with the psalmist and the Lord. He presumes much, because he knows in faith upon whom he can rely. This same God of tender compassion is available for you right now. Do not let anything stand between you and the Lord.

The Bible is God’s intimate Word for you. Take each word personally. May these daily “Firestarters” be my way of making the Bible personal to you, just as others did for me.

Psalm 86

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We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.

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