The Breath of Peace

[From the version for families with children]

When I was seventeen years old and had just graduated from High School, I entered a Catholic community—a religious order—called the Jesuits. If you ever go up along the Hudson river just past the city of Poughkeepsie on Route 9, you’ll see “The Culinary Institute of America.” That is where I lived for four years when it was a seminary. The large, red brick building faces the river, high above what we call palisades.

On the path to the river, there used to be a large crucifix: that’s a cross with a carving of the body of Jesus on it. We used to stop for a moment to pray at that spot. The cross had a little roof over it to protect it from the weather. Just beneath that roof there was this saying: “From the arms of the Crucified, the breath of peace moves slowly across the world.”

As you read the story of Jesus’ death on the cross, may you feel that silent breath of the dying Jesus, amid all the shouting and commotion that must have been going on around him. There’s that idea of silence again…When there’s lots of noise about you that threatens to take away your peace—maybe the noise of other people talking selfishly—may you feel that silence of Jesus inside you, becoming aware of your own breathing that is joined to the Spirit of Jesus.

Mark 15:21–47

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Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels. This year, we generally read
from the Gospel of Mark, this season, chapters 10 to 16.

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