Five Minutes of Silence

[From the version for families with children]

I wonder if a movie could be made of all the awesome scenes that are described in these two chapters. They are very amazing and even scary. Yet take a look at the first verse of chapter 8 about that half hour of silence. Imagine going to the movies…Instead of the Previews of Coming Attraction, the movie folks were to lead us in a half hour of silence so that the special movie we were about to see would be all the more impressive. Interesting, no?!

Well, that’s what God suggests when we face something that might be scary in our lives. The silence is meant to increase our awareness of the presence of God who is always with us and who protects us against all harm. Maybe a half-hour of pure quiet might seem too much for you, but how about five minutes? The silence is the setting in which God can show us His presence and love. If you’ve got a watch with a timer, set it for five minutes and just be quiet, believing that God is looking at you and loving you.

Revelation 8—9

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In season of Kingdomtide this year,
we read 1 and 2 Thessalonians; Revelation 4—11.

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