Comfort and Joy

[From the version for families with children]

Like the stars that are scattered across the Advent night sky, so does St. Peter write to his beloved Christians who are flung across Asia Minor, the area that is now the country of Turkey.

This letter is like an Advent candle.  The candle might seem powerless to push back the darkness as some great floodlight would do. St. Peter describes the people going through very hard times: persecution, jealousies, bully-fights from those who do not know God.  St. Peter encourages them and lets them feel that though they are small against big attacks, still—like the Advent Candle—the darkness cannot any longer say that there is no light!  Not only that, but the flame that lights the candle will also be like the fire that purifies gold and makes it shine more brightly. 

So when things happen to you that frighten you or make you angry or sad, just take up this passage and pray slowly over some of the verses in the reading that will bring comfort and joy to your heart.   Comfort and joy—two gifts that Jesus wants to give you this Advent and Christmas!  

 1 Peter 1:1-12

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Thursdays are dedicated to the letters of Paul, other letters,
the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation.
In the seasons of Advent through Epiphany this year,
we read the letters of Peter.

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