A New Consumerism

Christmas for the world, is over. The presents have been bought, wrapped, given, and now lie exhausted beneath the tree. The retail world is spent after its meal of consumerism. The comparisons with past years will soon be in.

Isaiah shakes us, provoking us to fix our attention on the promises of Isaiah realized in Jesus. Exult with joy and confidence in the power of the verse for the day. The final one also bears the promise of the fullness and constancy of the Spirit’s presence in your family for endless generations to come. Do you believe this promise? Memorize it until it is so soaked into you that unspeakable joy radiates from within, giving assurance to many others of a new consumerism—consumed by his Love!

Isaiah 59:15b–21

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the seasons of Advent through Epiphany this year we read Isaiah 56 to 66..

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Example: Cloak of zeal wrapped around me v. 17

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