At the Feet of Love

A mother-in-law’s advice is followed: Ruth places herself at the feet of Boaz. Picture her there—vulnerable, chaste, respectful, trusting. A woman on the margin of Jewish life, because she is a foreigner, waits quietly before Boaz, hoping to see what will happen when love quickens in his heart. Consider how misunderstood she might be as Boaz awakes in the middle of the night to find her there.

“At the feet of love …” Play with this phrase in your heart as you pray, recalling Mary of Bethany in John’s Gospel and the unnamed woman in Luke, both of whom cast themselves before another’s feet—Jesus, Boaz’ descendant. You do the same before Jesus. Just as Boaz was Ruth’s only hope in life, so is Jesus before whom you are right now, the only one who can take you from whatever outcast state where you might find yourself, into the spousal love of Jesus who takes you to himself.

Ruth 3

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In the season of Advent this year, we read the Book of Ruth.


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