Rippling Circles

When I was a boy I used to enjoy going lake fishing in Spring Lake, the name of a lovely lake and town on the New Jersey shore.  Perhaps you’ve liked this as much as I did, throwing a pebble into the lake and watching a ripple of water make a small circle, gradually expanding and widening as the energy of the pebble pushes water away.

The Acts of the Apostles tell of the rippling of the Good News spreading out in circles with Jerusalem as the center.  Today we read about what happened when the widening circle reached Macedonia in northern Greece.  

At the clear and gentle directions by the Holy Spirit, Paul and Silas have been moving from city to city throughout Asia Minor, in what is now Turkey.  They are now about to make a cross over into Europe. The Holy Spirit speaks to Paul through the dream of a man from Macedonia pleading for Paul to come to that place and share the Good News of Jesus. 

Acts 16:6-10

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“Where do I next bring Your love?”

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