Counting on the Promises

Waves upon waves of compassion and love sweep across the pages of this passage. You will need to drink from each verse as from precious nectars of various flavors. Pause often. Keep your Bible close to you throughout the day so that you can take regular refreshment from the promises that lie before you.

How many such promises can you count in these chapters? All the ones you count you can count on! Take note of the various images used to convey the power of the promises. Place each one before all that may be coming against you, believing that according to 54:17, that there is no weapon turned against you that will succeed.

Isaiah 54—55

The mid-range of the date of Easter (April 10 to 16) results in all four seasons being thirteen weeks long. When an early Easter shortens Epiphany by one or two weeks (very rarely three), then Pentecost is lengthened by the corresponding number of weeks. This is the case for this year; the 8th week in Epiphany “leaps ahead” to the beginning of the season of Pentecost–summer in the northern hemisphere.

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