Lifting the Human Family

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Banners are signs of encouragement to all the people of the victory, which the Lord will bring. They are symbols of hope when other evidence of defeat might be present. David prays in urgency on behalf of the people, interceding for them that the favor of the Lord return.

The Psalms have been at the heart of Christian prayer, because intercession is central to our prayer life. We read the whole book of Psalms (the Psalter), in three years; however for centuries, monastic communities would pray the entire Psalter once a week as a way of pleading before the Lord on behalf of all the people. Wednesday is a special time to lift the human family in the midst of the workweek, compassionately pleading to the Lord on behalf of those countless settings where abuse and injustice are prevailing. 

Psalm 60

The mid-range of the date of Easter (April 10 to 16) results in all four seasons being thirteen weeks long. When an early Easter shortens Epiphany by one or two weeks (very rarely three), then Pentecost is lengthened by the corresponding number of weeks. This is the case for this year; the 8th week in Epiphany “leaps ahead” to the beginning of the season of Pentecost–summer in the northern hemisphere.

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We follow a reading of the Psalms in numerical order.
Today’s psalm is taken from Wednesday of the 8th Week in Epiphany
which was omitted due to Easter being one week earlier than it’s mid-range dates of April 10-16.

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