Surprises from God

The land of Greece has two parts. There are northern and southern halves connected by a tiny piece of land called an isthmus. If it weren’t for that little area of land, the southern half would be an island.

You can imagine how important that piece of land was, for it meant the ships could sail west and after a brief trip on land, products from the east could then continue to sail westward. An important city was found right there called Corinth. Because it was on a trade route, people from many different countries lived there. It was the center of trade in the ancient world.

You might think that Corinth would be just like Athens which we saw last week was a city of “Know-it-alls” who could care less about all the wonderful good news that Paul was telling them. But Corinth was different. All the various kinds of people with their different ways of thinking had them open to the surprises that Paul had in store for them when they accepted Jesus. Paul wrote two great letters to the Church in Corinth. Let’s be open to God’s surprises!

Acts 18:1-11

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