Winning Friends: NOT!

[Unless otherwise indicated, each day the Firestarters will be from the book.]

St. Luke is the evangelist that lets us listen in on the largest segment of John the Baptist’s preaching. John astounds whole crowds with ear-piercing calls to repentance. The opening verse of the reading hardly follows the principles of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People! John is not on a self-centered search for friends; he is out to win hearts for the Kingdom—your heart and mine.

Luke singles out three classes of people and specific changes needed for each: 1) people in general; 2) tax collectors; 3) soldiers. The essence comes down to sharing with those in need.

Place yourself among the crowd. Now is no different than then. There is no time to mince words. The Holy Spirit gets right to the point with you. Allow the Lord to burn away what is dead in you, so that what needs to come to life has inner space to grow.

Luke 3:7–18

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Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from the Revised Common Lectionary.
In year C, we generally read the Gospel of St. Luke.

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