Thirsting for Justice

During World War II, German soldiers used to go to the theater at night with their wives after having spent the day gassing thousands of Jews. Comfortable in their seats, they would weep at the beauty of the music, unmindful of the atrocities that went on during the day, ears deaf to the screams and the sobs of those in the camps occurring at the same time as the concerts.

The Holocaust of the Twentieth Century A.D. had its precedent in the Eighth Century B.C. In today’s passage, Amos mourns for the virgin of Israel as though she has already died. He shares his grief in the hopes that the comfort and complacency of those moved only by music, would be shaken to a hunger and thirst for justice.

What are the changes that need to take place in you when it comes to making justice? Without it, the most beautiful music turns worship into vanity, and even blasphemy.

Amos 5—6

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the season of Pentecost we read Amos to Nahum with Lamentations 4—5 in the Ninth Week.

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Example: Justice flowing down like streams 5:24

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