A Sacred Sequence

Almost the entire Sixth Century, B.C. saw God’s people living in exile in Babylonia. Permitted by the Persian Kings Cyrus and Darius to return, the Jewish people began to rejoice once again in the power of God’s saving presence. The Temple in Jerusalem was reconstructed in 515 B.C. and the full life of worship for God’s people resumed once again. As a way of reconnecting the sacred thread of God’s saving grace, the compilers of 1 and 2 Chronicles gather the history of God’s action among God’s people. This begins with nine chapters of genealogies. Today’s reading traces the thread from Adam to Jacob with a focus upon Judah; from this tribe comes the line of David.

God had you in mind when he spread out this array of families. Place yourself into this sacred history. Let this day be another in the sacred sequence of your personal history.

1 Chronicles 1—3

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Example: Sacred thread of saving grace

Tuesdays are dedicated to the Old Testament books of history
and the Hebrew “Writings.”
In the season of Pentecost this year we read Proverbs 27—29 and 1 Chronicles.


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