God’s Strength

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[This Psalm is also found in 2 Samuel 22] Why is it so easy to talk about the weather? It is because we find a common experience for conversation. So often, we define a day as good or bad by how the weather is. For David, the variety of weather changes only serves to lead him into deeper awareness of the power and strength of the Lord who has protected him from all his enemies—Saul and his army.

Images of safety in the midst of turmoil abound. Picture these same physical settings for yourself, along with David. Security in the Lord’s protection will comfort you. Call upon the Lord and his angels to protect those you love.

Someone once said: “Criticism of the weather is a mild form of blasphemy!” Penetrate to the sun present behind the clouds.

Psalm 18

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Example: It is You who lights my lamp. v. 28

We continue to follow the Psalms in numerical order.

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