Prophetic Symbols

The word “prophesy” literally means, “to speak on behalf” of God. However, in addition to the voice, God often speaks through symbolic gestures of the prophets such as Jeremiah commanded not to marry and Hosea ordered to marry a prostitute. These gestures express the infidelity that wounds the heart of God who loves so much. In today’s reading, Ezekiel is to gather up his belongings as though going into exile—sign of what is going to happen to God’s rebellious people.

Beyond the anger of God, read God’s hurt as that of a beloved treated with indifference and infidelity on the part of the spouse. The denial of bread, a consequence to immanent siege, is similar to the refusal of the Bread of Life in last Friday’s reading.

What symbolic gestures does God suggest to you, to express how you are relating to the Lord these days?

Ezekiel 12—14

Mondays are dedicated to the reading of the Hebrew Prophets.
In the season of Easter we read Ezekiel 1—16.

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Example: You taking hold of my heart 14:5

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