Cosmic Meditation

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Have you ever noticed when you are worried or afraid that your eyes are downcast? As you begin to pray this psalm, lift up your gaze and see the whole expanse of the sky. Gently study the detail that you see. Cosmic space covers you. Be open to the presence of God in this massive meditation, allowing the movement of the verses of the psalm to take you high in awareness of God that is greater than your worries. With David, picture the sun as a bridegroom rejoicing to come up and out to meet his bride—a theme from the Song of Songs that we’re reading this year during the Easter S

There’s a shift in the meditation that comes in verse 7. Rest in the closing verse enshrined in Jewish and Christian liturgies for centuries untold.

Psalm 19

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Example: May You accept words and thoughts. v. 14

We continue to follow the Psalms in numerical order.

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