Another Lord’s Prayer

Jesus’ eyes are lifted upward to talk to his Father in this wonderful prayer. Is has been called another Lord’s Prayer: that’s how very special is this prayer of union with Jesus’s Father. We go right from the heart of Jesus to the heart of the Father.

The prayer has three parts to it. Verses 1-5 are about the glory of God that is going to shine out through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Imagine: such a death on the cross is part of the glory of God! The glory is in God’s love for us, even in the face of the ultimate meanness in crucifying Jesus.

In verses 6-19 Jesus prays for his friends, his close disciples, that they be protected from all evil and that they be holy. Finally in verses 20 to 26 we are included, as Jesus stretches his prayer down through the years to include all of us in his church—that we all may be one.

Take this prayer in its different parts and let the Spirit of Jesus who lives in you, pray this prayer through you.

John 17

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