Warm Wax

Begin your time of Bible reading with a period of pure quiet, silent presence before the Lord. Even a few minutes of simply stopping everything will prepare you as warm wax, to receive the seal of the Holy Spirit.

This kind of preparation reduces defensiveness before the Word. The book of Proverbs seeks to have you moved by the power of the truths expressed. The images and comparisons will make concrete and personal what might otherwise be abstract and distant. You will learn about the danger of indolence and the wiles of seduction. With pen poised to write, let the phrases of Proverbs loosen personal truths for you to note down. The Holy Spirit will use your own creativity and inner freedom to share God’s wisdom with you.

Proverbs 6

The mid-range of the date of Easter (April 10 to 16) results in all four seasons being thirteen weeks long. When an early Easter shortens Epiphany by one or two weeks (very rarely three), then Pentecost is lengthened by the corresponding number of weeks. This is the case for this year; the 8th week in Epiphany “leaps ahead” to the beginning of the season of Pentecost–summer in the northern hemisphere.

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Tuesdays are dedicated to the Old Testament books of history
and the Hebrew “Writings.”


For the next several weeks, the Firestarters will be from the original version of this program. For these Firestarters I recommend the ebook.  You will have the entire program of well over a thousand of these introductions with you on your phone or tablet. Check the menu options at the site for more information.

How does the Word touch you?

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