The Vitality of Faith

This is a brief letter of Jude, said to be the brother of Jesus and James, the first leader of the Jerusalem church. Jude’s words encourage his listeners to press on in the faith, contending with those settings and circumstances that would lessen the fervor of the faith. Such would be those whose doctrines amount to denying the faith itself. He refers to the book of Enoch, a respected, but non-canonical work of the first century, B.C.

Once again, notice the power of the earthy images in verses 12 and 13 used to describe faithfulness. Admonition and encouragement go hand in hand in this letter. Be strengthened by both in your walk with the Lord. Pray in the Holy Spirit. Yield to the spontaneous ways that the Spirit pours out prayer from deep within you.


The mid-range of the date of Easter (April 10 to 16) results in all four seasons being thirteen weeks long. When an early Easter shortens Epiphany by one or two weeks (very rarely three), then Pentecost is lengthened by the corresponding number of weeks. This is the case for this year; the 8th week in Epiphany “leaps ahead” to the beginning of the season of Pentecost–summer in the northern hemisphere.

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