Secure in Jesus’ s Hands

Jesus meets persistent resistance in the Jewish leaders. They choose to argue Jesus out of their lives. Arguments have no place with faith. Mental battles keep energy in the head, blocking that faith which comes from the heart. We are called to pass from death to life in Jesus.

Belief is a vigorous, total surrender to the Lord. Surrender in faith and rest secure in the hands of Jesus. The Lord Jesus is with you; no one can snatch you away from his hands.

Tell whatever or whomever else pushes for prominence to back off. All that matters is the presence of the Lord in whom you live, move, and have your being.

John 10:22–42

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Example: You know me; I follow You. v. 27

Fridays are dedicated to the Gospels.
In the seasons of Lent and Easter we read the Gospel of John.

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